Conversions of Measure

We have been learning all about converting measure in maths this week, test your knowledge and understanding by trying out these questions!


Convert these into either cms or mm

  1. 30 mm
  2. 45 mm
  3. 90 mm
  4. 1 mm
  5. 107 mm
  6. 23 cm
  7. 5 cm
  8. 19 cm



5 pencils are laid in one long line on the table.

The first is 16cm, the second 155mm, the third 13cm,

the fourth 122mm and the fifth 14.5cm.

What is the total length of all 5 pencils, in both cm and mm?


The length of a swimming pool is 25m.

Miss Mitchell swims 400m every morning.

How many lengths is this?



Matthew is 1.49m tall; Olly is 8cm shorter.

  • How tall is Olly?

Jasmine is 0.05cm taller than Matthew.

  • What is the difference between Jasmine and Olly’s heights?


The Harrison family sets off on a 352.4km journey to visit their relatives.

They have driven 123,700m so far.

How much further do they have to drive?


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