5LG had a visit from Mr Hunter who told us all about his time in Pakistan.

We learnt all about the clothes, the cities that he visited, the school that he built and what school life was like for children living in Pakistan.

Comment on what was your favourite part about Mr Hunter’s visit. what did you learn? How does school life differ for the children in Pakistan to your school life?

Classifying Living Things


In our Science lessons this half term we have been learning about living things and how they are adapted for the environment that they live in.

We will be looking at how we classify plants and animals using keys.

Looks at the link below to have a go at some interactive habitat and classification games…..

Fractions Investigation


Have a go at this!

1) Write a mixed number of pizzas where the number of whole pizzas is 1 e.g. 1 3/4

2) Write your mixed number as an improper fraction – do this twice.

3) Look at the numerators are both odd? Are both even? Is one odd and one even?

4) Write a new mixed number keeping the whole number as 1. Then write it as an improper fraction

5) Look at the numerators again.

6) Do this 6 times, is there a pattern?