Food Groups

Diet and nutrition is a main way that we can stay healthy! This mixed with exercise allows our body to function the best it can!

There are 7 groups needed to make a healthy diet: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre, water. Today you will be researching them and the links below might help!

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Food Tasting

We are trying different types of bread and sandwich fillings for our Design and Technology!

Here’s what Chaise and Cameron thought of it!

PicCollage (2) PicCollage (3)

Today we have been trying different types of bread and fillings. The pickle must have been horrible as every one was pulling a funny face. It was really funny watching the other children eat every one was going “ewww” or “yum” .Eg.Chicken,pickle,egg and Mayo, and loads of other things.

Would you like to taste lots of new food?